A blind editor or a nasty eye; the deception may prove quite high


The AFR’s JP had this innocent enough photo to go along with his blatantly unsubstantiated claim

In an unexpectedly annoying interruption to my afternoon of eating a tomato, mayonnaise and avocado based bun (with extra pepper, but basically no salt), whilst flicking through “The Economics and Ethics of Private Property” by Hans-Hermann Hoppe, in preparation for my response to the essay titled “The Nature of Money”, written by the one & only Frances Coppola over at her excellent blog:


I had the misfortune of spotting through Facebook an article written by one Jonathan Shapiro. JP, it turns out, got employed by an Australian bank called ANZ for 1 year and previously studied journalism, whilst he has also worked for a company that labels itself “governance conference specialists” (is this political speak for ‘we-do-catering’? I was going to look around the site of said specialists but, as you can probably understand, that didn’t really seem to be an exciting idea to end up exploring).

Why does any of this matter? It quite probably does not. What really matters is what this gentleman just sent through the office machines of the AFR onto the world wide web, and presumably into the paper version, too! Suffice it to say, I am perturbed. Perturbed by the content of this little, rather juvenile whine of an article:


Apparently, according to JP, some global banks are helping Iran fund nuclear weapon “programmes”. Oh, really? Forget about the nationalised central bankers that PRODUCED the global economic depression, he calmly counsels as if the entire LIBOR scandal was just some irrelevant fixation of a strangely obsessed public, and start fretting about those nasty bankers financing dooms-day devices and the production & supply of all those evil drugs that you should not ever, ever dare consume.

I emailed Media Watch, a taxpayer financed group that runs a TV show about instances of low quality journalism. Who knows, they might respond – but I doubt it. What did I say? Nothing of great importance, just a simple little few sentences of common sense:

“This may well constitute the intentional propagation of false information to cause war by whomever oversees the writing of this Jonathan Shapiro fellow at the AFR; potentially quite disgraceful. Nuclear weapons? Where is the proof? How many poor, Australian soldiers have already died in Iraq thanks to a similar misdiagnosis of the facts. Does Jonathan have no shame whatsoever? Has the person overseeing the writing of this chap learnt nothing at all? He even has the temerity to suggest that he is “serving” the public!

Update: JP might have better served his undoubtable intelligence if, say, like this humble journalist for American Banker…he had asked some more questions instead of just producing blanket generalisations


Polite Criticism, the start

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